Why shareproc?

Is it possible to improve efficiency and effectiveness in your company?

Yes! We know it is possible, -by implementing innovative solutions that describe, measure and improve collaboration. Based on this vision we founded shareproc (share your processes) in January 2016. Our solutions cover a variety of business needs.

Well made business processes allow the company to work effectively and manage its resources in the most efficient manner. But what characterizes a well made process? And how do you make them? Today it is hard to find good examples of processes that can optimize your business. There is also a general lack of good places where you can discuss and share experiences about the processes. shareproc resolve this in a three staged business model.

shareproc offers a free modeling tool in your browser

Stage one in our business model is to create a virtual environment where users can draw, share, discuss and find inspiration to create good business processes. shareproc lowers the threshold for initiating process modeling by providing a free tool directly in the browser. We use the best known standard for process modeling BPMN 2.0. (Business Process Modelling Notation ver. 2.0)

Most companies will develop a need to put their processes into a larger context. In stage two of our business model we provide a complete solution for organizing and structuring their processes by the company’s value chain. Here we will offer functionality that allows the company to group their processes hierarchically. This is a cloud based, licensed service. In this offering, we emphasize IT security, risk management, good process ownership and good process management. With this solution, companies will be able to certify their processes in accordance with various ISO standards without the need for other tools.

Processes organized hierarchically from the company’s value chain

Stage three in the business model is to bring the processes to life. We are developing technology that offers the world’s most innovative solution by making the processes interactive with intelligent objects and enabling the processes to be executed from a computer, a handheld device or other interactive devices. The workflow of the processes are automated and the system notifies a person who have been assigned to a role to carry out an activity or task. The person can acknowledge by accepting, and if necessary adjust, the estimated time spent. Depending on the task, the system can automatically register that the task has been completed, alternatively this can be acknowledged with a single click and the workflow continues. All interactions are logged in the system so the company can objectively measure the quality of their process executions and be able to analyze resource usage and highlight bottlenecks in their supply chain.

  • The 2015 revision of ISO 9001 requires a process-oriented quality management system. We will therefore see a growing need for a readily available modelling tool which in addition offers examples of well made processes.
  • In addition, a growing proportion of corporate value creation takes place outside offices. The way shareproc coordinate tasks across geographical and corporate boundaries will increasingly benefit the companies, their employees and their external partners, service providers and customers.
  • Moreover, the ability to objectively measure the efficiency of interaction between different roles, across these boundaries is very difficult to achieve with other tools today. We are therefore confident that shareproc will be a very profitable investment for companies in most industry sectors.

Simplicity is key

The more complicated a business becomes, the higher value has simplicity.

Our aim is to help you create your processes in a simple and powerful visual language so you can share them with colleagues and business partners.

Visualizing business processes in a simple and common language provides clarity and understanding of who does what in collaboration with whom, when or how often.

Having worked with business processes in different industries over many years, we have now decided to fill a gap by introducing a super simple tool to facilitate business process modelling for any individual and any company and to share some of our secrets to high quality business processes.

Who we are:

  • John Christen Jensen, Mail: jcj@shareproc.com
  • Bård Lind, Mail: bl@shareproc.com

Share Your Processes

WHY do you need to spend time on processes, HOW do you want to organize the activities, WHAT are the anticipated results and WHO do you want to Learn from?

This is all about discovering and sharing  work processes. Share with your peers, coworkers, customers or Even strangers. All in the name of improvement.

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